Happy Anniversary…



This is my first post for my Website!! The timing seems uncanny because this Saturday (18th August) 12 months ago I kicked off Round 1 with Commitment Fitness, opening my doors & heart to the community and watched my passion, my new business evolve from there.

Yes my website has been 12 months in the making, correct on your presumption that I did not have time to complete it before then. Life has been busy for me, in the last 12 months we lost loved ones, we welcomed Joey Noel, we experienced sicknesses, I had heartache & betrayal BUT Mr CF & I stayed strong and worked together till the end, as we will continue to do, Day in & Day out. Don’t think for one minute we have our shit together (can i say shit…sure i can, this is my Blog for my thoughts right?!), we don’t pretend we do, just ask us and we will tell you, life is hard, Life on the farm for Mr CF has become busier, my businesses are busy (yes plural as there is 2) and we have 3 kids, the list goes on and on. But do you know what, I miss him, I really do. I can’t tell you the last time we had a night together, alone, to laugh and enjoy each others company, But it will happen, I am going to make that happen. Im completely getting off track here…you got the point, If something isn’t working, fix it, we work hard on our marriage to make this crazy world work. I work hard for the future of my family, he knows that, so he supports it, he knows what I have created for my clients is amazing, so he encourages it. We work as one. Without him there would not be a Commitment Fitness.

So this week i have had a huge week of reflection, I speak best behind the computer as when i talk about my business I become quite emotional as it means so much to me, I know how hard I have worked to build this from scratch and I have done it! My passion and knowledge in this industry is here and my doors are open if anyone wants to come on in.

So this week I have reassessed my personal goals, where I am heading, where I want to go. I started running again, I have been a runner for many many years, it has always been my go to exercise, the place where I can clear my head, But i decided this week, Im hanging up the runners, my body is tired, pounding the pavement is not for me for a while. Ive experienced lots of different injuries in my time in Fitness & this decision isn’t so much from injury, its just a lot of different factors. I do a lot of varied classes a week as well as my own training, so I need to look after number 1 here in this situation, it won’t be forever, I haven’t made the decision lightly, especially given my passion, but it is for now and a little way down the track, no more pounding the pavement. Trust me it will take my ALL to not go back to it in a week or a month, but i will stay true to myself and reassess this decision next year, yes I am giving it that long.

I will continue to mix up my training, its so important to approach different elements in training, strength, cardio, HIIT, flexibility etc, you need to be ticking the boxes and covering all basis.

I will continue to reflect this week on the last 12 months, I spoke to a client today about her commencement with me 12 months ago, people will always come and go and thats fine, you need to be comfortable with your trainer, if its not working for you, you need to find someone who will, and the same from a trainers point of view, you need to gel with them also. Your health is so important so make sure you both are comfortable in your goals and needs so you get the best out of it.

There are so many people i need to thank for supporting me in this journey, but you know who you are, so many people who have helped myself and even some elements with our children to make it all work, so thank you. I truly am thankful and so glad my passion for health & fitness has helped you in so many areas of your life.

I know we did it Mr CF, you and I did it. At times we wondered how we were going to, we wondered how we did, but we did. Thanks to you Mr CF, you support all my crazy dreams, i know it drives you bonkers when i say ‘so i was thinking’ as you know this means I have another idea and I would like it to of already happened. I know not often at all you second guess me as you know I never do anything without assess and evaluating all areas, so thank you, thank you for creating this with me, as we are changing lives and you are an integral part of this.

So here’s to new goals, drive & determination, passion & success.


Your Trainer,

Bec x


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