When it mounds up…

I can work well with words, I can write them down and speak clearly. Often if i have to public speak about my passion I tend to get all chocked up and emotional as I become overwhelmed with it all. But when i can put my words out there for anyone to read i feel a sense of clarity amongst it all.

I too am on a journey, a journey of finding myself again as life is different now, 2 businesses, 3 kids in the mix..then the normal you know…i know mums out there are nodding going, yep i know!

But it all mounds up sometimes…it becomes so overwhelming i need to get that clear headspace sorted. I said to someone today I feel so overwhelmed that if you put that teaspoon in the wrong place i could quite possibly cry…nodding again..you get it?

Mr CF is so awesome, he just listened to me today as needed, when needed, me knowing full well there was nothing he could have done today to lighten the load, but his listening was more than enough and each time when i needed it…yes, several times today.

Ive been burnt lately..today i felt like each way i turned it was burning and i was just looking in disbelief wondering how to put the fire out..but the day is done, tomorrow is a new day, I had some amazing people touch base today with me and so thankful to be able to have those wonderful people in my life.

And for all the judgemental people who will choose to read this…stop judging me for my crazy busy lifestyle as you don’t know any reasoning behind it all. Never judge people who’s shoes don’t fit you, let me tell you my shoes won’t ever fit you.

So no more today, I’ve typed this out for the world to read so i can blow it all away. I will walk away now and leave the day behind me.


Your Trainer,

Bec x

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