Quitting Sugar…


So this image says it all…Hey everyone Im quitting Sugar…look how happy Sarah Wilson is here..perhaps this is meant to be my face right…I am a tad concerned i will end up like this. Note: googled crazy hair lady to get this image.

Furious woman

But lets back up a bit ok. I am not a sugar addict, my nutrition is not woeful, BUT after extensive research into my own health..I have realised i need to quit sugar. Incase you weren’t aware sugar is EVERYWHERE. Its in majority of foods you eat. In my busy schedule I need to have a plan, I prep a lot of food so we always have ready made snacks or dinner prepped if not made in advance and I LOVE meal plans. This works well for me, i enjoy structure and routine and this is exactly what ill get. Sugar makes me bloat, I can look 5 months pregnant after 1 meal off the rails…it makes me tired, i know my life is exhausting on its own, but sugar makes me tired.

So i start on Monday and i will document my journey as i know my clients will enjoy following this as well as perhaps some people who are thinking about quitting sugar. I know for me it will be great, but I also want to do this for my family. I have a family member who is addicted to sugar, I have monitored this and I can see how pronounced it is. But i will fix this for myself and my family.

Until next time,


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