Its Important to me…..

I can’t even begin to think about what has occured over the last 12months as its been a touch longer than that since I last blogged.

You know I just LOVE to blog, blogging allows me to express my thoughts and emotions unlike any other form of Social Media conservations. So in a nut shell…

We have launched some new classes this year at The Studio, we have re located The Studio, I now have a staff member, numbers have increased in our Commitment Fitness members and life is full steam ahead, in a nut shell.

Lets be honest though, relocating my business whilst still running a business (and another business of mine) and Mr CF harvesting, 3 kids, it was far from ideal, not that there would  have been an ideal time either to be honest, but this was tough. I opened my eyes on more than one morning at 4.30am to take loads of equipment, clean properties, so i could be home for Mr CF to go milking, so he could come home earlier so I could go and start work, so I could get home again to get kids sorted for school etc so we could both start that day…at 8.30am, no wonder I was looking for lunch by then! The nights were late, the tension was high, we were all exhausted, overwhelmed and tired..really tired. We had no option but to keep going and in hind sight without an end date – it doesn’t push you too those big limits you know, I could go on about more of those two weeks, but you get the gist.

I had someone ask me the other day where did I find the time, this is a sensitive topic I find as people are time poor, I get that, we all have the same amount of time in one day..however, we have different priorities to how we want to spend that time and what is important. Its important to me to fuel my body with good food, so I meal prep on Sundays, Its important to me that my children lunch boxes follow a suit of food, so I bake in abundance on Sundays also, Its important to me to find time to exercise and get my own endorphins, so I wake early. Its important to me to spend time with my husband, so I stay up late, this is how I find time, because its important to me.

I have been ridiculed in the past for making a comment about myself and how I felt like I had it all together, instead of commending my choices, I was told I made women feel inadequate. I don’t, I never would, I see no need to compete with anyone or explain my actions for how I conquered the world that day.

So here I am nearly 2 years on, letting you know today I have my shit together, tomorrow I could be rolling in it and Sunday I doubt ill be baking it…but today I do. I don’t have my shit together to make you feel inadequate, I have it together because its important to me and I want to make it happen, I made the time to do so.

I hope to be back here again soon, big things are happening so watch this space…

Your Trainer,


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